Rock Paper Scissors 101

The well-known game of Rock Paper Scissors is not really strange - although it does have a fantastic World Championship. However, if you consider yourself above it then you need to learn to play Rock Paper Scissors 101...the degree level version.
The game is played exactly like the game you know except there are 101 possible hand positions. These range from Alien to UFO, Medusa to Satan. The hand positions (fully illustrated on the website) range from the obvious to the highly skilled - "Vampire" is a particularly brilliant shape and the hand position for "Vulture" looks suspiciously like a very rude Lebanese hand gesture.
To make the game fair/random each of the selected shapes beats 50 others and is in its turn beaten by 50. For example if you choose to go with "Gun" this will "shoot Princess", "break law" and "blast apart Turnip". If you choose "Baby" this will "spill Beer", "ruin Guitar" and "be unaware of Satan" but is obviously "carried off by Robot"
Simple maths reveals there to be less than 1% chance of a tie and 5,050 outcomes. RPS 101 - a work of genius

strange games no:114
Rock Paper Scissors 101

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Around My Kitchen Table said...

This explains a lot. That driver I accidentally cut up this morning must have been playing rock, scissors, paper. He must have been losing. He looked very angry.