Office Face Ball #2

Randy Linebacker (Strange Games American Correspondent) writes:
Your recent post on the brilliant office game of Face Ball (
strange game no 147) reminded me of a game I've played myself in offices when the boredom becomes too much. We used to call it Face Ball but really it is more of a cross between Face Ball and Wallhookey/Ring the Bull (strange game no:107).

Simply get a tennis ball and attach some string to it, or even better get one from a Swingball set and fix it to the office ceiling. The height should be adjusted so that when the string is at about 60 degrees to the vertical the ball will be at face height of the competitors. Two players now stand either side the dangling ball and set it off in a circular motion. They then take it in turns to flap at the ball with their hand, when the ball is closest to them, so that if they make contact it swings and strikes their opponent in the face. Simple. The most scores out of ten attempts wins, or the first player to retire injured loses.

video of Office Face Ball from You Tube
strange games no:151


Scott - Pair O' Dice Games said...

You've got to love a game where you get to hit your office mates in the face :-)

I think some of my co-workers are just rowdy enough to enjoy it too.

Mr Blister said...

good. If you do play it be sure to take some photos to send to me - so that I can put them up on the site

chin chin!