Ringing the Bull / Wallhooky

Simple to set up and play, but quite addictive - Ringing the Bull (or Wallhookey as it is sometimes known) is an ancient pub game reputedly brought back to the England by the Crusaders. It retains its popularity in the North of England and the Caribbean.
Attach a bull's nose ring to a string from the ceiling and then attach a hook to the wall in such a position that the bull's ring will hook on with the string remaining taut. Traditionally the hook was attached to the nose of a stuffed animal's head mounted on the wall. Each player stands in the throwing place and has a set number of throws. The player with the highest number of rings hooked is the victor. Extra points can be scored for throws that perform a complete circle before getting hooked.

strange games no:107
weird web:wallhookey resource pages

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