Strange Board Games #1: Feel Safe

Strange Games normally covers childhood and childish games as well as unusual festivals and sports. Board games are not really covered, however, there are some really odd ones that need more players. One in particular is a game called Feel Safe. What Monopoly does for the celebration of rampant consumerism Feel Safe does the same for the loss of human rights. It's a satirical board game based upon the US Department of Homeland Security and the Bill of Rights (the 1st ten amendments to the constitution). The object of the game is to give away your basic rights as quickly as possible so that the DHS can protect you from terrorist threats.
The highlight comes in the form of a ‘terror alert’ when all players must immediately jump their counters to the ‘Bill of Rights Bonfire’ square and throw their rights onto it.
As it says on the box: 'Feel Safe – remember always to follow the rules.'

It has been suggested that Feel Safe successfully reveals the conflict between having a full set human rights and protecting national security from terrorist threats…or maybe it’s just taking the piss.
Hats off to the fabulous board game blog Jergames for highlighting this game
Feel Safe at Board Games Geeks

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