Strange Games with Maggots: Modern Art

The modern childrens' party is a mixture of additive laced junk food and a handful of staid and dull party games aimed more at avoiding parental litigation and accusations of bias than actual entertainment. The hyped up kids are then sent home having all won a prize and all with an I Pod in a goody bag.
All that can change if you play Modern Art. The simple requirements to play are some paint, paper and a jar full of maggots. Each child is given supplies of each and by dipping the maggots into a selection of paints and encouraging them to crawl over the paper must produce a masterpiece of abstract expressionism. Realism is added to the game if the party host puts on pseudy art critic mannerisms and voice and goes around the finished work dispensing withering criticism. The child that has communicated their inner feelings the most, and screamed the least, wins.

Strange Games is indebted to reader Stace Coley for sending in details of this game.

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