Strange Board Games #2: Marching Season

We recently highlighted the odd board game of Feel Safe. Another brilliantly odd board game for lovers of the strange is The Marching Season Game. For three and only three players, in The Marching Season Game one person takes the role of Loyalist, another is the Republican and the third plays the part of The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC)
The game is set during the Orange Marching Season and the aim of the Republican and the Loyalist player is to place counters on the board to control a specific Northern Ireland geographical area. The Loyalists want to claim areas of the board to march down, the Republicans try and stop them. The role of the RUC is to try and control the situation. They must decide whether to allow a march and risk a riot or try and divert it and risk a riot or...just risk a riot.
The game’s designer David Kershaw, who created the game around the time of the Drumcree Standoffs, has said that the aim of the game is not to push any agenda or glorify violence but just to highlight the lunacy of the situation using black humour. Rumours that he is working on a Sunni versus Shia version of dominoes are totally unfounded.

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