Strange Games receives many an email containing lines like this, "Montegue, my child is having a party and says he doesn't want any of those 'boring, cliched, idiotic old-fashioned party games'...what can I do? My son is 5"
One answer is Bagheads...disorientation, humiliation and the odd bruise in one complete party game package. To play simply give all the partygoers an opaque paper bag (grocery shop ones are ideal) and have them place them on their heads. Get players to spread themselves around the room and then everyone must try and locate other players and snatch the bag from their head - no player may hold onto their own bag. Once your bag has been removed you are out of the game. After much chaos, the last bag-headed player remaining wins. And why not make the game even more fun by not telling the winner they have won...see how long it takes them to find out.
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Ps3 said...

Lol, excellent!