Chinese Knitting

Trick games are a superb way to have fun whilst annoying enemies and losing friends, and Chinese Knitting is one of the best. To play you need access to some meadow grass - the ideal variety is one in which the seed heads are quite loose and will come off easily if pulled. Pick two stems of grass (with the stems being about six inches in length) and reverse one so that the seed head of one rests against the stem of the other. Now ask an unsuspecting player if they want to play Chinese Knitting. When they agree get them to open their mouth, place the two grass stalks inside so that their stems are against the victims bottom teeth and get them to close their mouths to hold them. They should now have a stalk and a seed head sticking out of each side of their mouth. Now, before they get chance to change their mind, reach up both hands and quickly pull outwards the stems of grass - this forces both seed heads into their mouth, most seeds being plucked from the stems and deposited on their teeth and gums. Run away, quick!
Many thanks to Harvey for bringing this game to the attention of Strange Games

Another trick game covered by Strange Games and involving wild grass is Timothy Torture

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