Chair Wars~a possible trial game for London 2012 Olympics

The UK's continuing success in sailing and cycling events at the Beijing Olympics has led to Australian comments that 'the UK only do well at sporting events where you have to sit down'
However, not only does the UK triumph in all the sitting down events it invents the best ones too.
Strange Games is honoured to write about Chair Wars.
Chair Wars is a bizarre attempt to marry Skateboarding and Jousting all with the humble, wheeled office chair. To play you need two ramps positioned so that they join at their lowest points. Now one player sit in an office chair at the top of each slope, facing their opponent and on a start command hurtle themselves towards the other. The objective is to knock the other over onto the ground and avoid toppling yourself, as well as trying to avoid bruised shins or more serious injuries. A successful technique, in this brutal random game, involves getting your office chair to turn before the impact so as to avoid your own legs being hurt as you smash into your opponents shins.
The official website gives a detailed set of rules which include the technical,"Chairs must have a minimum of three wheels and not more than six" and the marvellous,"No additions can be added to chairs such as:sharp objects, lights, or any electrical devices"
We are highlighting Chair Wars now as it is certain to feature as a trial game in the 2012 London Olympics and this will give those whinging Ozzies a chance to start practicing - in the vain hope of winning some medals.

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