Raisin D'etre

Strange Games recently received an email from Findlay Caldwell detailing a bizarre, and frankly quite horrible party game he claims to have invented. Called Raisin D'etre for reasons that will become clear - all you need to play are a packet of raisins, paper cups, toothpicks and a strong stomach.
Split partygoers into teams of three who then stand in a line. The person at the front has an empty cup and a plate full of raisins placed on the floor at their feet. On a start command this person then whips off one of their socks and using their bare toes only they try to manoeuvre the raisins from the plate into the cup. Once this is done the next person in the line takes the cup and using the toothpick only feeds the raisins to the third. The team that successfully transports the dried fruit from plate to mouth via foot and toothpick in the shortest time wins. It is the element of bare-footed fruit gathering that truly elevates this game to the status of a party classic. Thanks Findlay.

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Jack said...

heyy this is the most gross!!!!!!!
game ever i would nava play it lol :) byeeeee