Sofa Titanic

It's often the case that the simplest (and stupidest) ideas make the best games. Strange Games reader Kate Jacobson contacted us about one such game that she played 'in her collage days' called Sofa Titanic. This is a marvellous game that simulates all the glamour,fear and excitement of being on a luxurious sinking liner but with none of the fear of drowning, and no Celine Dion singing.
"One or two players sit on the end of the sofa. The other players gradually lift the end of the sofa that the people are seated on, until the sofa is completely vertical. As this is happening, the seated player(s) will begin to notice the effects of gravity, and will begin to slide down the sofa with increasing velocity, just like the upending of the Titanic! They can pretend the cushions are ice chunks or other passengers. Usually everyone wants a chance to ride on the Ship of Dreams, so players can alternate positions as desired."

And all you need to play is the room and a suitable sofa - if you don't own one then perhaps visit your local furniture showroom and wait till the shop assistants aren't looking. Thanks Kate.
n.b. strange games tried hard to find an accompanying photo for Sofa Titanic but failed instead we plumped for one of Sofa Death Race 2000


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OH!! its a nice game. strange of course. but it is sofa titanic.