Spit in the Bottle

Strange Games previous post, the gross bare feet-raisin to mouth game called Raison d'etre prompted reader Bill to email in a game that he played in his childhood that is, if anything, grosser. Bill writes, "Dear Strange Games... when I was a kid we played this game that we called Spit in the Bottle. Usually we played two at a time. Each player places a narrow-necked pop bottle on the ground between their feet...and then starting at the same time they attempt to spit saliva and try to get as much as possible into the bottle. Because the opening of the bottle is narrow and the players are standing up its quite difficult to get much in unless you are highly skilled at the game. Often we used to get more on our jumpers than in the bottle. After a set time (a few minutes say) play is halted and the two bottles examined to see who has got the most spit in. And, even cooler, if you want to play a more hard-core version of the game, the loser then has to drink....'
I've cut-off the rest of Bills email because I started to feel queasy...I think you can get the picture of how it continues.
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