Bear, Hunter, Princess

There are many alternatives to the hand game Rock, Paper and Scissors all of which work on the same principle of each move beating one of the others and being beaten itself by the remaining one. One of the most fun versions to play is Bear, Hunter, Princess. On a set count you have to be either a Bear (raise your hands in front of your body like paws and growl) a Hunter (make an imaginary shotgun using both hands) or a Princess (stand demurely in a Princessly fashion). Obviously, Hunter kills Bear....Bear kills Princess...and Princess kills Hunter. The students of Davenport College (US) have a Facebook group devoted to the game and claim they invented it, although I have other sources that claim that the game of Bear, Hunter, Woman has been played for a very long time.
Also of interest is the use of the game in an advert for Fed Ex. Here the game has been transformed slightly with the Princess being changed to Ninja, making it more politically correct and actually more fun.

Bear Hunter Princess Facebook Group
The ultimate version of RPS is RPS 101 with 101 possible hand positions:RPS 101 on Strange Games

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josh g. said...

Not sure how this fits into the "who copied who" mix, but this version is fantastic and the kids book is incredibly cute and awesome.