Mini Golf / Crazy Golf

An e-mail from Mini Golf obsessive ‘Squire’ Richard Gottfried (see his how to become an expert minigolfer video here) alerts me to the fact that the 2010 British Minigolf Association Tour is about to begin. The tour tees-off this Sunday with the BMGA National Open at Adventure Island Mini Golf, Star City, Birmingham.
Mini Golf is the game that used to be known as Crazy Golf (its name being changed possibly to avoid offence to putter wielding madmen everywhere) and is the often-found-at-the seaside game beloved by everyone who enjoys putting golf balls through windmills and drain pipes, up ramps and down slopes and between the cardboard cutout legs of Jade Goody (I may have imagined that last one)

Anyway I implore you to get involved in the diminutive and ever so slightly deranged world of Mini golf by visiting the event in Birmingham.
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Richard Gottfried said...

Hello Montegue,

Many thanks for the Minigolf feature on your excellent website.

The course featured in the YouTube video is sadly no longer there!

I filmed that vid in 2006 before I started playing on the BMGA Tour - my game has improved vastly since then!

All the best,