A triptych of strange 3 legged games

There are few feelings in party gaming better than that heady, slightly sick, feeling one gets when tied to a partner you then have to rush around completing some crazy task or other. Below are three of the best three legged games ever.

3 Legged Frisbee Golf
Although frisbee golf is considered a serious sport in some parts of the world 3 Legged Frisbee Golf is superior in almost every way. For teams of two players. Playing pairs have their legs tied together. Each team possess a frisbee. On a starting command all teams set off by throwing their frisbee, chasing after it as quickly as possible, picking it up and throwing it again. The first team to get their frisbee to the 'hole' ( a pre-determined object as far away as you like) wins. A great variety is Zombie 3 Legged Frisbee Golf - here after the starting throw a team can either carry on trying to finish quickly or aim their frisbee at a competing couple. If they score a hit then that couple falls over 'dead'. This adds a superb competitive/chance element to the game.

3 Legged Monster Chase

For large groups: pairs are formed and have their legs bound together. Each pair is give a sheet of coloured stickers - a different colour for each team. On a starting command the players set off, the objective being to place their stickers on the backs of their competitors and avoid being 'stickered' themselves. After a set time of pandemonium play stops and the team that have been stickered the least wins.

3 Legged Butterfly Hunting
Yet again it was at one of Herbert Rowsell's summer garden parties that as a callow youth I first played this enchanting game. Players are paired up, legs are tied and then each team are given one butterfly net. The aim is, by working together as a team, to catch a member of the order Lepidoptera. Last team to catch one, loses.
This is a good game for adults to play, especially if they have had a couple of glasses of Pimms. The sight of two players tumbling helplessly into a Buddleia bush is one to be treasured.

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