Doorknobs...a game for the flatulent

Strange Games reader, and occasional contributor, Duncan Flann sent in an e-mail detailing the gross and violent game of Doorknobs It is one of those marvellous open-ended games that never stops (a little like Beetle Bash), instead when the right situation occurs the game is on.
Duncan writes, "We used to play Doorknobs in the house we rented as students. A game would kick off whenever someone farted loud enough to be heard by anybody else in the room. When that happened a non-flatulent player could shout the word 'Doorknob'. The person who had let-off then had to rush and touch the doorknob of any door in the room as quickly as possible. And he had to be quick because as soon as the word Doorknob is shouted all other 'players' have the right to punch the offending farter as frequently and as hard as possible. As soon as the farter reaches the sanctity of the doorknob they are safe and the game is over. We also played the rule that the person breaking wind would avoid any painful beating by shouting the word 'Safe'... as long as they shouted it before the shout of 'Doorknob' went out."

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