Aero Golf @ Flambards Theme Park

We are big fans of Crazy/Mini Golf here at Strange Games and being on holiday in Cornwall recently provided the perfect opportunity to combine relaxation with an even crazier version of the ultimate seaside sport. The game at Flambards Theme park (a sort of South Western version of Alton Towers but without the rides, excitement or customers) presents itself as 'Aero Golf', each of the 9 holes having a aeronautical theme. So, you have impressive holes based on a Saturn 5 rocket, an amazingly accurate lunar lander, a trio of red arrows and an airport terminus.
Most impressive of all though is a marvellous 1/200th size scale model of a aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. However after
these 5 magnificent holes the course designers give up and the remaining holes contain just painted plywood cut-outs of an aeronautical nature emblazoned with the Flambards logo. What makes the course even more unusual is that each hole scores points for whichever slot/hole you manage to get your ball isn't the least number of strokes that wins as in the conventional game.
If you are stuck on holiday in Cornwall and don't mind paying £19.50 to get into the park, plus a further quid to rent a putter, then you could do worse than visit (possibly) the UK's most Southerly crazy golf course.

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Richard Gottfried said...

Great stuff Montegue.

I've never played 'Aero Golf' before!

We'll have to check it out on the Southwestern-leg of the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.