First International Turf Throwing Festival - Ballaghaderreen 2010

Strange Games reader Rory Walsh (Spire Digital) recently e-mailed me to highlight a brand new throwing competition. Turf and Briquette Throwing. The first world championships organised by ITABTA (International Turf and Briquette Throwing Association) were held in Ballaghaderreen in May of this year. As is usual with strange throwing events there is a mixture of throwing techniques. Is an under or overarm approach the best, or should you attempt a discus like spin and release? The winning entrant achieved a magnificent 35m.

Rory writes, "I made the video as I have relatives in the town and happened to be there with a camera. They plan to make it an annual event and supposedly they have some interest from a few international teams! It was great craic and I hope to go next year a little more prepared and make a proper quality documentary covering the competition."

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Wendy said...

Oh, so there's a new throwing events today huh? An innovation to the world of sports, I hope that I would be able to watch it live someday. :)