Sheep Dog Trials

I first played this delightful game, when I was a callow youth, at one of Maurice Tweddle's Summer garden parties. Sheep Dog Trials is the perfect garden game at which to practice your whistling skills to say nothing of your Welsh hill farmer impersonation skills.
Pair up players: one 'farmer' and one 'sheepdog'. The 'farmers' send the 'sheepdogs' away (another room / indoors/ etc.. where they are blindfolded) and go about setting up the course. This can contain gates (two jumpers on the ground), an agility part(bamboo canes pushed into the ground), bridges (planks of wood), etc.. Just use your imagination.

The dogs are returned (blindfolded) to their farmers. Each dog must now be guided through the pre-determined course by his farmer's shouts and whistles as quickly and accurately as possible.

For greater verisimilitude the dogs should be given names and made to complete the course on all fours.
For greater fun have more than one dog on the course at the same time.

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