Guide Dog Musical Chairs

The previous post reminded me of this party game which I haven't seen played for many, many years. Maybe it's been caught by the Politically Correct Police and as I type is being held in dank, windowless cell on meagre rations and regular beatings...
Guide Dog Musical Chairs is the perfect party game requiring only chairs, blindfolds and the ability to bark.
Pair up everyone into blindmen (wearing blindfolds, obviously) and guide dogs. Randomly arrange some chairs around the room (one fewer than the number of couples). Start the music. When the music stops the guide dogs should guide their owner to an empty chair, get him to sit in it then sit on his lap. One couple is eliminated each time.

The blindman must not hold the guide dog's hand but must try and maintain contact by using a hooked finger through a shirt collar or belt loop. If contact is lost the dog must use it's bark to attract the owner - no words can be spoken.

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