Fatty Arbuckle Tag

You have a good knowledge of silent movie stars, you are hale and hearty and you are having a party.....Fatty Arbuckle Tig is the game for you.One person is declared to be 'it' and this person tries to tig someone in the usual fashion. However, if 'it' is approaching you and you can't escape then you can become immune from being tigged by sitting down and promptly shouting out the name of a silent movie actor/actress (Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Lon Chaney, Dolly Brereton, etc) There must not be more than one of each star sitting down at any one time. To get back into the game another player must touch you on the head and shout Fatty Arbuckle.If every player is sitting down then 'it' has won and must choose someone else to be 'it' . If he tigs someone then that person becomes 'it'.

Weird Web:Arbucklemania - fatty arbuckle fansite - immense
strange games no:49...category:party games STUPID GAMES

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