Battle Lautrec

Imagine, if you will, a rainy afternoon and there is no form of electronic entertainment available, you have read all your Biggles books at least twice, Nanny is being uncooperative and you are in a doltish mood; what do you do? I and my dear, lamented brother Eustace invented Battle Lautrec.
A bizarre, imbecilic game for two people, Battle Lautrec is guaranteed to banish boredom and raise at the very least a smile.
To play you must first master the Lautrec balance. To do this you kneel on the floor then reach behind your knees grabbing an ankle in each hand and lift up your lower legs. With practice you should now be able to balance and move around (albeit quite slowly) on your knees. You must maintain a hold of your ankles at all times.
Now the battle...face your opponent, go into a Lautrec balance and try to make him lose his balance and fall. You may use any means left open to you - body weight, pushing with your head, shoulders..etc. First person to release hold of his ankles or fall flat on his face is the loser.
For even more fun start the battle at opposite ends of the drawing room - then you have to knee-walk a reasonable distance before battle commences

Weird Web:Famous short people - from the Shortsuff website
strange games no: 48...category: indoor games

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