The Best Chinese Whispers' Phrase Ever!

Chinese Whispers , which we used to know as Gossip or Russian Scandal, is a game that everyone knows. However, if you watch people playing it these days you will notice how dull and short the phrases are that start the game. In the drawing room we used to put a lot more effort into the phrase.
Here is an actual suggested phrase to start off the game. It comes from a 1940's book called 'The Home Entertainer' and I can thoroughly recommend its use in any future game of Gossip that you play.

"It is rumoured that Mrs Jane Honoria Figglebat, ward of the well-known boxing promoter Jem Shambles, will next week try to break the underwater swimming record for girls of English extraction. Her fiance Mr Wallaby, the animal dentist, recently fitted seven new teeth to a zoo leopard which had broken its jaw in a fight with a lion and two llamas"

This is no game for children - this is more like the degree level version

Weird Web: Photo Chinese Whispers

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