What Are We Shouting

Everyone seems to be talking at once, it's giving you a headache - you can't stand it anymore. Whatever you do don't start playing What Are We Shouting.
A fun game for two teams. One team decides upon a well known phrase (or line from a popular song) which has the same or fewer words in it than players in the team. Each player is assigned a word (if there are more players than words then some words can be allocated to more than one player). Then, upon a pre-determined signal all players face the opposing team and shout out their words all at the same time. It is the opposing teams job to decipher the phrase. If they are successful then it is their turn to shout.
We always used to play with phrases such as "under the spreading chestnut tree" and "a stitch in time saves nine". No doubt, these days, phrases such as "hit me baby one more time" or "you know my hips don't lie"
would be deemed more approriate.

Weird Web: Alan Bates Site - covering his film The Shout about a man who could kill by shouting

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