Royal Court

Shouting, confusion, people crashing into each other...three things that make an ideal party game. I first played Royal Court at one of Sir Herbert Rowsell's Summer Shindigs.
Get a pack of playing cards and pick the King, Queen, Jack, Ten, etc. of each suit so that you have as many cards as players of the game. You will need the number of players to be divisible by four.
Place one chair in each corner of the room (four chairs in total). Now place the cards face down in a pile in the centre of the room. On a given command all the players rush to the centre and grab a card. Whoever gets a king must gather all other members of his suit together as quickly as possible, rush to a chair and sit down on it. The queen must sit on his knee, the Jack on her knee, the ten on his etc.
Last team to complete the task loses.

Weird WEb: The Queens Summer Shindig (Amazing Pictures)

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