Slaps / Slapsies revisited

I previously wrote about Slaps or Slapsies (one of the most brutal yet satisfying playground games) in post:27 - yet I have just discovered a fantastic computer simulation of it. The game, called Operation Slaps or Hand to Hand Combat Facility allows you to play slapsies against a friend or against a computer opponent.
You can decide to be one of five different characters ranging from Lieutenant Lindequest ( a cold and cruel female Russian Ground Force operative) to Seargant Shaw ( a tough and hard marine from Guantanamo Bay). To slap your opponent you depress your keyboard 'Z' key until the required force has built up then jab it again to slap. The 'X' key allows you to feint or to dodge when it's your opponents turn. All this is accompanied by realistic slapping sounds, brooding atmospheric music and a pain meter.
A top drawer computer game.

Weird Web: Slapsies computer game

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