Blood Potato

Combine 'blindman's buff' with 'murder in the dark' and you get Blood Potato - a superb party game similar in form to Mouchard (Strange Games no.46). It's rare at parties but reasonably common at drama schools - presumably for all those budding Bela Lugosis.
All players are blindfolded and one player is given the role of murderer (without anyone else knowing). Players then move around the room. If two meet then they must say the word 'potato' to each other, however if the murderer meets someone he must say the word 'blood' to them upon which they scream dramatically, die and remove themselves from the game by standing at the edge of the room. The game continues, with the body count increasing and fear rising until no 'potatoes' are left. The game is improved if eliminated players encourage and shout directions to the remaining ones.

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strange games no:87...category: party games

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