Roadside Whist

Roadside spotting games still retain some popularity for children on long journeys. Games such as 'counting the number of legs and arms in Pub names' or 'decoding car registration plates'. However Roadside Whist surely deserves a comeback - especially if you follow these original instructions from 1900.
One person takes the left side of the carriage, the other player the right. The coachman teaches both players the rules and the journey commences.
If you see:
A baby in arms you score 1
A baby in a perambulator scores 3
A white horse scores 5
A ladder against a house scores 2
A woman in a white apron scores 1
A butcher's cart scores 1
A postman scores 5

Then there are things for which points are deducted if they appear on your side and it is the job of your opponent to make sure they are counted.

If you see:
A pug dog you lose 2
A piebald horse loses 4
An open gate loses 2
A flock of sheep loses 3
A soldier loses 10

And the best rule of all, no matter what the score, whichever side sees a cat on a window ledge wins the game.
Now is the time to throw away your headrest embedded DVD players and get the kids playing Roadside Whist.

weird web: virtual pram museum
strange games no: 83...category: travel games. strange and stupid games

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