Toilet Tag / Stuck in the Toilet

Strange Games is indebted to Bertie Windcheater (an English reader) who informed me of this fantastic contemporary stuck-in-the-mud tag variation - one which I think should immediately be positioned at number 1 (or should that be number 2's) on the recent
Top Tag Variations post.
Simply, a tagger is designated and all other players must run away to avoid being tagged. If a player is tagged then they must adopt a toilet position by crouching down with knees fully bent and one arm held straight out to the side (the flush handle!). Free players can then release this player by approaching them and pressing down on the 'lever' and 'flushing the toilet', however if they are tagged then they become a toilet too. If any player has 'been to the toilet' three times then it is their turn to be the tagger.
Thank you Bertie.

weird web: toilet seat art museum
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