Strange Games with Bubblewrap #1 - Thieves Variation

I wrote about the blindfolded party game Thieves in Strange Games no.41 in which partygoers have to steal the blindman's treasure without being struck with his rolled up newspaper. This brilliant variation builds excitement levels even higher.
Position the blindman on a swivel chair and place his treasure (a set of handbells for example) at his feet. Arm him with a water pistol. Then, cover the floor surrounding his chair with layers of bubblewrap. The idea, as before, is for players to approach the blindman and steal one of his bells but this time without getting squirted with water. The game works best if only one player at a time is allowed to make an attempt at theft.
If the blindman scores a hit on a player, then that person must return to his position on the edge of the circle. If he is hit twice then he becomes the next blindman. The game finishes once all the treasure has been stolen.

weird web: virtual bubblewrap popper - plus description of techniques
strange games no 86...category:party games

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