Another bizarre party game from Randy Linebacker (North American Strange Gamer). Sniper seems like a bizarre marriage of apple bobbing and hula hoop dancing. An apple is tied to a length of string (2 or 3 feet works well) and this is then attached to a belt. A non-player then holds up a plank through which a long nail (or group of nails) has been hammered at waist height. Players then take it in turns to wear the belt and by spinning around they try to impale the apple upon the nail.

There are two schools of thought on effective techniques for this game: there are the players who try to line up the nail and apple then fire the apple with a Shakira-like flick of the hips. And then there are the 'whirling dervishes'...spinning frantically around, the apple a crazed satellite. The player who impales their apple in the quickest time is the winner.

weird web:Orange Pippen - apple variety directory
strange games no:95

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