Scuds and Patriots

You have a floor covered with lots of tennis balls, teams paired up and ready to go yet the game Landmines, although tasteless, has paradoxically lost some of it's flavour...what you need to play is 'Scuds and Patriots'. I am indebted to Randy Linebacker (North American Strange Games correspondent) for details of this game.
As in Landmines, scatter as many tennis balls as possible over the floor - a large room or hall is ideal. Now team players up in twos and blindfold one player from each pair. Two teams play at once. One blindfolded player, the 'Scud' starts from one side of the room and as before must try to navigate to the opposite end without stepping on tennis balls and aided by the shouted directions of his team mate. The other team's blindfolded player, the 'Patriot', is positioned on a side wall, halfway down the room. Once the 'Scud' has traversed a third or so of the way, the 'Patriot' is released. His aim, again guided by his own partner and again avoiding stepping on balls, is to make contact with the 'Scud' and in doing so win the game. If the 'Scud' reaches the far wall then that team wins. If either player steps on a ball then they have to remain still for the count of five. Non-playing partygoers are free to provide any sound affects they deem appropriate.

strange games no:94


Political.Asylum said...

This has been deemed utter brilliance by The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum.

Anonymous said...

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LSK said...

This game would be a bit more interesting if teams alternated roles until one won. An eventual win would be guaranteed if a mine was removed each time it was stepped upon.