Big Brother

If someone says to you, "Let's play Big Brother" then you will probably imagine a game that involves sitting around on sofas in a minimalist house, 'bitching' about other players and arguing over shopping lists. If you are nearer to my age then you will imagine a game involving a perspex helmet and a rat.
Fortunately Big Brother is none of these but is a 1950's playground tag variant that deserves a second life.
Two players are chosen to stand in the middle - "big brother" and "little brother". It is "bigs" job to protect "little". All the other players stand around these two and try to torment and tease "little brother" by pushing, pinching and slapping him. If "big brother" manages to touch one of the attacking tormentors then that player becomes the new "big" and chooses a new "small". "Little Brother" can not tag anyone and hence his role in the game is not perhaps the most enjoyable.

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