Dance, Fight or Windmill

Dance, Fight or Windmill is a bizarre children's challenge game which is childish, stupid, pointlessly violent and obviously great fun for children and adults alike.
For two players. One challenges the other to 'Dance?', 'Fight?' or 'Windmill?' Player two ponders his three choices then declares his favourite. If 'Dance' is chosen then both players must stand on one leg, then remaining like this spin around quickly for as long as possible. The first player to fall over or put a foot down loses. If 'Fight' is chosen then both players again stand on one leg but this time they also fold their arms tightly and have a hopping fight - hopping at each other as hard as possible, trying to get the other to fall. The first player to either unfold his arms, put his foot down or just fall over, loses. If 'Windmill' is chosen then player one 'windmills' both arms and to win player two has to pass through this limb-windmill without being touched.
strange games no:121

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