Indoor Bull Fighting / Bull Tig

Bull Tig is an old variation of the normal playground tig but one that is rarely seen played today. In it the chaser becomes a bull by simply bending a little at the waist, making his index fingers into horns and placing his hands on the top of his head. As the bull he can now chase the other players, trying to jab them with one of his horns and hence give that person the chance at being the bull.

A much improved version can be played indoors, in a smallish space such as a kitchen. In fact, a kitchen environment is ideal because not only do tea towels make excellent improvised matador capes but the work surfaces can form safe zones where the bull can not strike. So players taunt the bull with tea towels or maybe slap the bull's behind before running and jumping onto a work-surface to escape his angry horns. Further embellishment can come by simulating the role of the Tercio de Banderillas in Spanish bull fighting. Here players attempt to attach clothing pegs or clips (obviously Bulldog clips) onto the bull's clothes without being gored.

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