The Top 5 Things To Do With Rhubarb

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The Top 5 Things To Do With Rhubarb:

5. Rhubarb Crumble
4. Rhubarb Fool
3. Rhubarb Cobbler
2. Rhubarb Wine

1. Rhubarb Thrashing

A pub game languishing in mystery and obscurity for too long. To play Rhubarb Thrashing requires only some dustbins, blindfolds and a generous selection of freshly picked rhubarb sticks.
For 2 players. Two empty dustbins are placed, without lids, facing each other. Players climb into a dustbin and put on their blindfolds. They then proceed to hit each other around the head with their sticks of rhubarb. The winner is decided by 1 fall or a submission.
There has been much debate about whether the rhubarb leaves should be left on (rhubarb leaves are poisonous after all and so this could make the game dangerous) and also about whether players should take it in turns to strike or just wildly thrash at each other. Either way, a brilliant pub game; a treat for competitors and spectators alike.

weird web: BBC News Item - Woman Attacks her Brother with Rhubarb

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Barry said...

I was surprised to see that rhubarb pie wasn't on your listen. Nothing beats a strawberry-rhubarb pie.