News from the world of Finger Jousting

Strange Games doesn't usually have news items but when the fledgling hand sport of Finger Jousting holds its inaugural tournament then it's an event that needs celebrating as well as bringing to the attention of strange games fans everywhere.

In Finger Jousting two players stand facing each other and clasp their right hands together as if about to arm wrestle. Then on a given command each player extends his index finger (his "lance") and battle commences. The objective is to jab your opponent before he jabs you. At no point may the players' hands lose contact with each other.

The Inaugural LaGrange Sanctioned Invitational Finger Jousting Tournament took place on May 18th in La Grange, Georgia. In a tense 12 round final third seed K-Money beat first seed Top Gun with a 'lance' to the head in the twelfth round. For a detailed report see World Finger Jousting Federation report on the event.

The photo shows Doug Bassett (left) being maljiggered by eventual champion Kyle K-Money Weeks

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