Wagon Wheel Rolling Championship...even more biscuit fun

Continuing the theme of unusual games involving biscuits there is news of an exciting event in May. The world's first Wagon Wheel Rolling Championships to be held in the Black Horse pub near Slough.
Slough is the birthplace of the famously large, chocolate covered marshmallow biscuit and this event will celebrate its 60th birthday. The competition itself is a bit like a biscuit bagatelle...each competitor has five rolls of their biscuit on a specially constructed course which has five separate scoring areas marked out (two 20's, two 40s and one 60 point area). If the biscuit finishes in a scoring zone then that score is added to the contestants total. The day is afforded even more prestige by having as its compere Keith Chegwin.

you tube video of Keith Chegwin demonstrating his biscuit rolling technique


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lemoncat,, said...

i love wagon wheels..i'll stay at the bottom of the hill with my mouth wide open for this one :)

this is another game we used to play as kids called statues..

again how ever many kids were around and wanted to play..one of us volunteered to be the catcher,i'll call it that. so the catcher would stand with his/her back to the rest of the kids who were about 10 yards or so behind. then we would all start to move forward and at any given time the catcher would swing around really fast,the rest of us had to freeze dead still like a statue..if the catcher saw anybody move they were out..and so on the aim of it was to get close enough to touch the catcher for a win :)
but the catcher once he or she had swung around and everybody had stopped dead,,could move around and come up to whoever and try and make them laugh and stuff.. maybe it doesn't sound that good but as kids we loved it and we used to roll about laughing..a simple but great game for kids to play..maybe even todays kids..