The Krispy Kreme Challenge

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If you are trying to lose some weight then moderate exercise is a great way to shed a few excess pounds but you should try and avoid the Krispy Kreme Challenge . The perfect sporting event for all budding Homer Simpsons is held annually in Raleigh, North Carolina and was started in 2004 by the state's university students.
Around 3000 competitors run two miles downhill to the nearest Krispy Kreme bakery where they have to eat a dozen doughnuts each then run the two miles back to the starting line, all within the space of an hour and while keeping the doughnuts down. The record time is around the 37 minute mark. A set of vomit bins greet struggling competitors making it to the finishing line.
The average person burns 600 calories on a four mile jog. Unfortunately a dozen doughnuts contain 2,400 calories and over twice the daily recommended allowance of sugar.
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