Strange Games with Biscuits: Malteser Blow Football & Competitive Biscuit Dunking

Inspired by the advertisement for the delicious ball shaped chocolates Malteser Blow Football is a great game for football fixated chocoholics everywhere. Make two teams containing two players. One player from each team forms a goal by kneeling down on opposite sides of a small table so that their bottom lips are at table level, they now open their mouths as wide as possible. Their team mates stand on the other side and compete, using straws, to blow a Malteser into the goal. Once a goal is scored a new ball will be required. Continue until full
Amongst biscuit connoisseurs there is often much debate about whether a biscuit should be dunked in a cup of tea and if it should which varieties are able to withstand the process best without disintegrating. There is no authoritative biscuit dunking body but to hold your own competition, each player picks their biscuit of choice and stands by a steaming hot cup of tea. All players now simultaneously repeatedly dunk making sure at least half of the biscuit is submerged each time. Last biscuit to show any damage wins.
The radio station XFM held a World Championship Biscuit Dunking Competition in September 2007 over a 3 week period. The biscuits making the final were the Digestive Caramel, Fig Roll, Caramel Wafer and the eventual winner, the hard case amongst biscuits, The Pink Wafer.

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I'm trying that Malteser game with my grandson tomorrow... yum!