Strange Games reader Lemoncat sent in this childhood game, a variation on hide and seek and various defending the base type games.
"Three wooden clothes pegs leaning against the bottom of a wall two either side and one resting on top. Two teams are formed, however many kids are up for it. The first team take it in turns to lob a tennis ball and smash the sticks far and wide, once this is achieved everybody legs it and hides. The other team have to search them out whilst at the same time try to guard against the sticks being replaced neatly against the wall again. If they are this means a win and the other team don't get a turn at hiding and attacking... and so on.
OK, maybe not as glamorous as a face jumping contest at the Fool & Bladder but we used to have great fun as kids playing it."

Lemoncat writes a sharity music blog called Grooves of Delight, specialising in dusting down and making available again great, mainly instrumental, LPs from the past. If you are looking for 60's kids TV themes played by the Norrie Paramour Orchestra with the cover art of a nubile semi clad woman on a motorbike, then this just might be the place for you

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