Nose Licking...the game

Strange Games is indebted to Sian Mc for sending in details of this bizarre game that she plays with her friends.
A really odd standoff game, what Nose Licking lacks in hygeine it makes up for in genuine weirdness and the hilarity of actually playing it.
For two players, each faces the other and hold the other's shoulders. This hold must be maintained throughout the game. Now, simply, each player attempts to lick the nose of their opponent whilst, obviously, all the time trying to avoid having their own nose licked. Initially when played games tend to have a phase where both players strictly maintain their distance but gradually they come to realise that if they are going to grasp victory then they're going to have to get closer and try and lick that nose.

(If you play any games that are better / more disgusting / funnier than Nose Licking please send them in to Montegue Blister:


dmarks said...

Isn't this an Eskimo greeting?

Philip. said...

I can barely wait for the next party I go to. I shall be trying this game - LOL

Mr Blister said...

let me know how it goes Philip