HanetBall is the game you would get if you crossed a game of basket ball with a trip to your local Mothercare store. The game is currently played in Florida but as its creater calls it “THE game of the 21st century” expect it to make an appearance near you soon.
The game is played with two teams of seven players using a Hanet Ball (basically a basketball) on a rectangular court (similar to the one used in basketball) and the ball must be bounced when running with it (a little like basketball) but, and it's a big but, instead of being fixed to the walls the baskets are suped-up toddler playpens. Large (12 feet diameter) circular playpens with netted sides are placed at both ends of the court and inside them stands the team's goal keeper who tries to repel any ball that the opponents attempt to throw into the net. Games comprise of four quarters and last 70 minutes or until the goalkeeper cries to be let out.

official Hanetball site

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