Human Buckaroo

This is a marvellous game for young children or particularly childish adults sent in by Strange Games reader Lurch Latronico.
Human Buckaroo is a human version of the popular kids' table top game.
To play make some simple cards containing parts of the body such as 'Neck', 'Left ear', 'Right ear', 'Left shoulder', 'Head', 'Bottom' etc.. One player forms the bucking bronco by kneeling down on the floor, supporting their upper body with their they look just like a mule. The riding player then picks one of the cards at random and hands it unseen to the 'bronco' who can look at it. The riding player then sits on the broncos back keeping their feet off the floor and holding on with one hand and must use their other hand to touch one of the bronco's body parts. Obviously only one will result in the bronco bucking and the rider must do his best to hold on or else fall unceremoniously to the floor. If the rider touches a 'safe' place they can either retire unhurt with that score or else dare to play on: touch a different part of the bronco and try to score more.
For every body part touched without the bronco bucking you score a point, if the bronco bucks and you remain on then you gain an extra point. If you are thrown then you lose all points gained. Once a player either retires, or is thrown, play is reversed and the game continues.
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