Fizzy Dizzy

After the recent entry "My Granny Went To Guantanemo" Strange Games received an email from Bryan Mayoh detailing an inane game he loves to play that has some similarities. He calls the game Fizzy Dizzy.
Fizzy Dizzy is for as many players as feel brave enough to try it, each is given a glass full of fizzy coke which they must drink yet hold in their mouth without swallowing. Still holding the drink they must now do the usual close-eyes-head-on-broomstick and spin around ten times quickly. Once completed, and if they haven't choked or spewed, they must then try and run a short distance (say ten yards) and spit out whatever remains of the initial drink into a collecting glass. The winner is the person who can transfer as much of the original drink as possible in the shortest time. Bryan says, “When played properly there is much gagging, coke nasal spraying and general nausea amongst all players.”
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