My Granny Went to Guantanemo

Of highly questionable taste, this was sent into Strange Games by one Boris Spedding. It's the sort of game you would get if you crossed a memory test (My Granny Went to Market) with some light torture techniques so it's probably not one to play at the next kids' birthday party.
Boris writes: "Me and my friends devised this game at college. Everyone who's playing contributes to a list of words, say twenty in total and sets about memorising them. Then one at a time a player is blindfolded, stands in the middle of the room with his head bent down so that his forehead rests on a broom handle, and then they spin/shuffle round quickly twenty times. Whilst they are spinning round like this they must try and eat two dry crackers (Jacobs Crackers are good for this). The combination of being blindfolded and making yourself dizzy whilst forcing dry crackers into your mouth makes mincemeat out of most people.
As soon as they stop spinning they have a minute to shout out, as coherently as possible, as many of the words they can remember from the list."

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