UPDATE: Pub Bounce 2008

An update on The Pub Bounce 2008 (bounce,binge,barf) first mentioned on Strange Games here.
The perfect English event Pub Bouncing combines two of the country's most notable traits: nostalgia for the 1970s and binge drinking. The event, a pub crawl performed wholly on space hoppers around 9 pubs in Newport Pagnell, was successfully held on June 7th.
Spacehopper head honcho Mike Jones takes up the story:
" Although 148 people were in the facebook group only 30 people bounced, with others coming to watch or giving up at the 2nd or 3rd pub . We did stop traffic at one point with people bouncing in the road and 4 people popped into one of the local shops on their space hoppers, which was funny. At the first pub the landlord give a pitcher of Fosters free to the winner of a space hopper race. Only 3 people completed the route at 10:30 pm to a free bottle of Aftershock donated by the landlord. Everyone fell off their space hopper at some stage (I fell off 8 or 9 times). We all have cuts and bruises, which I kinda expected, but my upper thigh muscles still hurt now going upstairs and the next morning I couldn't walk." Amazingly, no one was sick!
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Note: the accompanying photograph is of the actual event and shows how lack of pre-pub-bounce training affected Wayne Seamarks

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