Strange Games reader Nate Hoffert sent in the description of a game he plays and calls Hotelball:
'My friends and I have invented a game called "Hotelball" which can be played in a typical, at least by North American standards, franchise hotel room containing one king size bed or 2 queens.
The only equipment needed is a hackey sack or firm nerf-type ball no larger than a tennis ball. Balls with too much "bounce" will be unsatisfactory for anyone but the most skilled players.
The beauty of the game is that participants do not compete against other players, they strive to better their previous best performance, and the game is played while essentially relaxing in one's hotel room so there is an interesting congruence of competitive athletics with leisurely relaxation.
3 players are generally required although more can be included and two will suffice, although it seems to be more fun with 3.Play can proceed while watching the hotel room television.
One player, the server, positions him or herself near the foot of one of the beds. S/he can be seated in a chair or on the foot of the bed or on the queen adjacent to the one on which one of the other players is sitting. The second player is seated on one of the beds usually with his back on the headboard. Torso and legs will be at a 90 degree angle to start. A third player is seated on the opposite side of the bed from the server. The server puts the ball in play in underhanded fashion to either of the other player's heads. After the service, the server's responsibilities are completed other than officiating the "game" and offering encouragement to the participants.
The player receiving the service heads the ball back to the third player. Play continues with players alternating heading the ball to one another until a ball is played which is impossible to head. At that point, the ball must be caught by one of the players or the play is considered a failure. Modifications may be made to the game to allow use of other body parts in passing the ball between players 2 and 3. Success is defined by the number of head passes made prior to the ultimate catch.
For example, four head passes and a catch would be described as a "head-head-head-head-catch" or a "Quad-head-catch." Three headers followed by an elbowed ball followed by a thigh ball followed by a catch would be a Head-head-head-elbow-thigh-catch. The game can require a good bit of athleticism with players often diving off the bed or into the furniture or television to make fine plays.'
So, if you ever find yourself stuck in a hotel room with two friends, a king size bed and a hackey sack - you now know what to do. Strange Games welcomes contributions of any unusual/stupid/weird games that you may play, email:

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