Underwater Blow Football

Possibly the oddest, and therefore the best, indoor football game for two players is Underwater Blow Football. To play get a flat bottomed rectangular tray with high sides (a large lasagne dish works well – the most important thing is that the bottom is as flat as possible). Now fill to the brim with water, furnish each player with a straw and then place a large marble in the centre. The level of the water needs to be enough to just cover the marble. Now each player puts the tip of his straw underwater, close to the marble, and blows...the aim being to blow the marble till it hits the opponent's side of the dish. Just like in the more normal dry version players must not touch the ball with the straw - this results in the opposing player having a set time (a few seconds) of free blowing. Most of the fun in the game comes from the almost random, uncontrollable motion of the marble underwater and the soaking that each player receives as water flies everywhere.

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