Victorian and Extreme Blow Football

Remaining on the subject of Blow Football mention must be made of ancient versions of the game. In Victorian times there was a superb indoor football game. To play all you needed was an un-carpeted drawing room, some paper fans and a blown hen's egg (prick a pinhole in each end and blow out the yolk). Goals were created at either end of the room and then teams tried to propel the egg towards them using only the power of wind created by frantically fanning their fans close behind it. The unpredictable motion of an egg coupled with the exertion required to move it would, one suppose, result in lots of tired arms and many no-score draws.
Extreme Blow Football conjures up images of a dangerous game played up the side of a mountain by out-of-breath dudes in baggy trousers. Fortunately its nothing like that but is quite weird. Basically a scaled up version of the table top game you need massive straws (thin plastic plumbing tubes work well) a ping pong ball and a flat smooth floor and you are away. All the usual blow football rules apply, with the more solid tubes being handy if a fight develops.
(Notice how in the accompanying picture the teams are wearing coloured bibs to distinguish themselves in this fast moving game.)

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Flug Kuba said...

This is really a strange game. I´d expected it rather in San Fernando Valley;)